Who better to give testimonials than the very pets we take care of?!

Here is the latest from some of our happy customers:

“We look forward to our morning walks with Julee!  She gives us yummy treats, and we love to snuggle next to her on the couch.”
-Willow and Cooper from Willow Glen




Is it time to play?

Is it time to play?

“Yay!  Julee is here!  I get to eat and then we’re going to play!  And she gives such good ear scratches!  I love it when she visits!”

— Cali from San Jose



“I love to go on walks with Liz.  I get to sniff every bush and light pole.  When we get home, I run around the yard and Liz throws the ball for me.  I can’t get enough playtime!  Thanks for being so much fun, Liz!”

–Gus from Sunnyvale




“I am very particular when it comes to my kitty sitter.  I look forward to seeing Julee…she scratches my chin just right.

AND she gives me my favorite canned tuna food!”

–Cha Cha from San Jose




Hi Paul! I’m ready for my walk.

“It’s so great when Paul comes over to walk me in the afternoon!  My daddy works all day, so I look forward to my exercise with Paul. He gives me treats too!”
-Lola from San Jose





“I’m so excited!  Paul is here!  It’s time for my walk!  He’s the best because we have so much fun checking out the neighborhood!”

— Schroeder from San Jose



“When my parents are out of town, Julee makes sure I get my canned food for breakfast along with my dry food for the rest of the day. She gives me lots of attention and love too.”
-Lucy from Santa Clara




It’s walk time!

“Liz is here!  It’s time for a walk!  I wonder if there will be squirrels?  Who’s at the park today?  I  just can’t wait!

— Jax and Faith from  Mountain View





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