Puppy Love

I don’t know about your dog, but my black lab Basco loves his evening walk.  It could be that his sisters sometimes go on the walk to play with him or the fun of chasing the ball across the field.  Most likely it’s because he gets to see his best doggie friend, Caesar.  Whatever the case, when the leash comes out, he paces and runs in circles until he actually walks out the door.

Black dog and white dog wrestling on basketball court

Basco and Caesar Wrestle for the Ball

It’s a brisk walk all the way to the park.  Basco looks all around for his friend and his pace quickens as he gets closer to the park.  There is so much puppy love and excitement when Caesar and Basco finally meet.  They run and play, tackle each other and tumble all over the place.

Now with the sun setting earlier and Daylight Savings Time over, it is so dark in the evenings, it makes keeping track of the dogs a little more challenging.  Basco’s coat is so black, he disappears in the shadows.  It’s a good thing that Caesar is such a white golden retriever because he is easy to see in the dark.  If we know where Caesar is, we know Basco isn’t far behind.

When Basco and Caesar get tired of wrestling, they always love to chase the ball.  They are both retrievers so, of course, this is one of their favorite games and has been since they first met early in the summer.  Both dogs try to outrun each other to get the coveted ball and race back for their reward of a “Good Boy!” and another toss.  Playing fetch in the dark is a little challenging, but that’s where the Chuckit! Max Glow Ball comes in handy.  This ball is hollow and very bouncy and best of all — glows in the dark.  The Chuckit! Glow Ball works best if you charge it up under a light before you leave home.  Of course, you can always charge it with your cell phone flashlight if you forget.  It is easy to throw and makes a sort of whistling sound as if flies through the air.  It is hilarious to watch Caesar chase the floating ball through the dark as Basco runs around with it in his mouth.

By the end of their time together, Basco and Caesar are totally drenched from slobber and the dew on the grass.  Even after all their fun, it is still hard for these puppy buddies to part ways.  They look longingly after each other as they head home down different streets.  When Basco gets home he slurps water and collapses on his bed.  He is totally exhausted – which is a great thing.  A tired dog is a good dog!  I’m sure Basco happily dreams of his next adventure with Caesar at the park.

The Glow Ball

The Glow Ball

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PS  If you’d like to play fetch in the dark with your dog, you can find a ChuckIt! Max Glow Ball at most pet stores.  I got mine from Amazon.com.  I actually got a back-up one in the clearance bin at PetSmart.


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